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Homogeneous pipe, single layer, composed of PE100 material throughout its diameter.


HDPE PE100 Water Pipe
HDPE PE100 Water Pipe

The tube is made of high density material PE 100. Dimensions and technical parameters correspond to the standard EN 12201-2. The color of the water distribution pipes is black, black with blue or blue stripes. As standard, the pipe is delivered in bars with length 6, 12 and 13.5m. Coils can be made up to a diameter of 110 mm. The coil can be individually wound up to 400 m depending on the type.

Available pressure series: SDR26 / PN6, SDR17 / PN10, SDR11 / PN16, SDR9 / PN20, SDR7.4 / PN25, SDR 6 / PN32.

20 - 315 DN


1.8 - 43.1 mm


0.31 - 36.5 kg/m


The main advantages of the product

  • High strength of pipes
  • Outstanding flexibility for bend forming
  • Light welding with electro fusion or butt welding
  • Healthy
  • Comprehensive protection against damage, easy and flexible installation

The tube is made of high density material PE 100. Dimensions and technical parameters correspond to the standard EN 12201-2. The color of the water distribution pipes is blackblack with blue or blue stripes. As standard, the pipe is delivered in bars with lengths 6, 12, 13.5m. Coils can be made up to a diameter of 110 mm. The coil can be individually wound up to 400 m depending on the type.

HDPE pipes are extremely flexible, so they withstand short-term overloads and dynamic loads much better than rigid pipes. They are highly resistant to soil settlement and technical seismicity. The high thermal expansion (about 10-15 times that of ordinary metals) is useful in some applications.

Plastic materials are currently considered very environmentally friendly for running most utilities. The technology for the production of pipes and fittings saves the environment in relation to low production temperatures, but also for its almost 100% recycling of production waste. When used, they behave strictly ecologically (they are resistant to leaks, have a trouble-free operation and a long service life). They do not release any aggressive substances into the environment (water, soil, air). Recycling of sorted and contaminated plastics is energy efficient (heating of the material is not necessary), and in this way they increase the ecological benefit even more. Uncontrolled or contaminated plastic can also be a valuable source of energy.

Polyethylene does not pose any health risks. During production, additives harmful to health are excluded. During burning, smoke is produced in the same way as when burning a paraffin candle, but they contain less harmful substances than when burning e.g. cigarettes, coal, wood or paper. The fumes contain (as when any material burns) carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide

HDPE pipes are best suited for transporting substances that do not disturb the pipe material.

It can be used with a pH between 2 and 12, i.e. water can also show a strongly acidic or strongly alkaline reaction. Therefore, the tubes can be used for a wide range of reaction fluids in different industries. Plastic pipes do not rust, they are unaffected by biocorrosion even without special surface treatment, they are not food for rodents!

They resist common disinfectants in concentrations and durations of action commonly used for disinfection of drinking water distribution (long-term use of pipelines for their transport is not taken into account). They also refer to the impact of common soil constituents, including artificial fertilizers.

Polyethylene does not withstand long-term exposure to organic chemicals (eg toluene, benzene) and many other petroleum products. When transporting products with a high percentage of petroleum products, the service life of the pipeline due to these chemicals can be reduced more significantly than specified by the standards or as shown in this catalog. Lifespan may also decrease due to increased temperature. Also, mixed chemical substances can be more aggressive than unmixed substances.

The company IGS Resources constantly guarantees the high quality of its products and pays strict attention to ecology. It is in accordance with the regulations established by law for the distribution, invoicing of products and purchased goods. PE100 plastic pipe systems comply with EN12201-2 for the technical parameters of the products, which defines the technical requirements.

OuterSDR 26SDR 21SDR 17SDR 13.6SDR 11SDR 9SDR 7.4


HDPE PE100 Water Pipe


HDPE PE100 Water Pipe


HDPE PE100 Water Pipe

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HDPE PE100 Water Pipe

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