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Ethical Code


IGS Resources commits to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. This document outlines the ethical principles and standards of conduct expected from all employees, management, and business partners. Adherence to these principles is essential to uphold our reputation and operational success.


Core Values

  1. Integrity: We conduct our business transparently, honestly, and ethically.
  2. Respect: We treat all employees, customers, and partners with respect and dignity.
  3. Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and their impacts on the environment and our community.
  4. Innovation: We strive for continuous improvement and innovation in our products and processes.
  5. Sustainability: We commit to environmental stewardship by minimizing our ecological footprint and promoting sustainable practices.

Standards and Procedures

Professional Conduct:

  • Employees are expected to perform their duties with competence, fairness, and impartiality.
  • Avoid any conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts immediately.

Compliance with Laws:

  • Strict adherence to all local and international laws applicable to our operations, particularly in environmental standards and labor laws.

Confidentiality and Privacy:

  • Safeguard and confidentially handle all proprietary information, customer data, and employee records.

Fair Dealing:

  • Engage fairly and honestly with all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, competitors, and employees.
  • Prohibit bribery, corruption, and unlawful incentives in all business dealings.

Ethical Practices

Workplace Environment:

  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.
  • Ensure a workplace free from discrimination, harassment, or any form of abuse.

Sustainability Initiatives:

  • Enhance efforts to reduce waste, recycle more, and use energy and resources more efficiently.
  • Develop products and processes that minimize our environmental impact.

Community Engagement:

  • Actively engage with local communities to address their concerns related to our operations. tona.
  • Support community initiatives and participate in local development.
  • Enforcement and Implementation

Reporting Mechanisms:
Encourage employees to report unethical behavior or breaches of this ethical code confidentially without fear of retaliation.
Establish a dedicated channel (e.g., an ethics hotline) for such reports.

Disciplinary Actions:
Implement clear consequences for violations of this code, which may include disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Oversight and Training:

  • Conduct regular training sessions to ensure all employees understand their ethical obligations under this code.
  • Assign a dedicated ethics officer or committee to oversee the implementation and adherence to this code.

Review and Update

  • This code will be reviewed bi-annually and updated as necessary to address new ethical challenges and ensure alignment with best practices and legal standards.


Adherence to this code is mandatory for all employees and representatives of IGS Resources. By upholding these principles, we reinforce our dedication to ethical conduct and corporate responsibility, ensuring the continued trust and respect of our stakeholders.

This ethical code is designed to guide IGS Resources in its daily operations and in fulfilling its commitment to act as a responsible and ethical participant in the global market.


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