HDPE water pipes are produced from original high density polyethylene PE 80 and PE 100. MRS classification is MRS = 8Mpa,
respectively MRS = 10Mpa, which means that the pipe will withstand the same pressure 50 years later.

This pipe is suitable for drinking water, irrigation systems and fire network.

Used in: Gardening ― Water Distribution, Irrigation Systems, Fire Extinguishing Systems

Features and Benefits

The high strength of PE pipes ensures resistance to the rigors of pipe laying conditions.

PE provides a high level of resistance to the effects of external damage, particularly important for pipe bursting and where such damage is likely.

iPlast PE pipes have high resistance to corrosion ensuring longevity against corrosive sludge. In most applications, PE outperforms other pipe materials such as mild steel and rubber coated steel.

Outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemical reagents allows the use of PE systems in applications such as tailings piping and chemical treatment applications used in mining operations.

PE pipes are stabilized against ultraviolet (UV) light degradation by incorporating carbon black into the raw material. Therefore, black PE pipes are suitable for installations where the pipes are exposed to direct sunlight.

PE pipes are flexible and can be bent during installation. This inherent elasticity and flexibility allows the pipe to withstand the stresses caused by ground movement. This makes the pipes particularly useful in earthquake-prone areas.

PE pipes are easy to install with their light weight and long length. Polyethylene coated pipes are widely used in applications such as irrigation systems, communications, gas and water networks.

PE pipes have lower friction compared to non-plastic materials such as cement linings and fiber reinforced cement. PE is safe to ensure material collection.

PE pipes are highly resistant to corrosion and do not require any protective coating or other corrosion protection systems.


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